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Let me note that not only is Andy brilliant at what he does, but is remarkably humble for someone so talented. LeanLA attendees consistently mention his talk as one of the best we've had --- and we've had some great ones.

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Partner at Heracles

Thanks for the notes; the point about early adopters really resonated with me.

Lead Analyst at HootSuite

Excellent notes, almost feels like I was there. Love the "checkers" versus "chess" analogy.

"The key to startup success is consciously making a graceful transition from serving your early adopters to serving your average user". Where graceful includes 'not alienating your likely rabid, probably vocal early user base'

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ResearchGate, ResearchGate

The "Funnel Friction" point is a hugely important one. In many cases, getting an extra piece of information about the user in the signup / on-boarding process may decrease signup conversion rates, but give you the "hook" to turn the signups into long-term engaged users. For example. asking for someone's previous employment may be very important for making connections and these connections are needed to ensure long-term engagement. Ideally you would know already what information / hooks are needed to bring your users back, and you design your signup process around this.

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