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Ryan Hoover shared:
Announcing Product Hunt

Read what Ryan Hoover is reading for work

Quibb lets you share what you're reading for work. Use Quibb to share news about your industry, discuss what matters, and see what colleagues are reading.

Our mission is to connect professionals over business news and informed commentary — targeting every industry, profession, and geography.

Quibb was launched in 2013 and is based in San Francisco, California.

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Principal Engineer at zulily

This is awesome Ryan.

Entrepreneur-in-Action at Sequoia Capital

Fun experiment, I've been wondering why something like this hasn't existed on a larger scale. It's probably the PM / growth dude's best replacement for "Dribbble" for collecting inspiration.

Product Manager at Autodesk

Great idea Ryan! And it will save me from spamming friends once a month... >_<

Product Manager at Autodesk

You're a good guy Ryan. And not to flog a dead horse, but for the love of god please invite some diversity to your contributor list. I'm happy to help with names or introductions.

PlayHaven, Startup Edition

I hear you, Kris! Diversity in this project is especially valuable in something like this and will address soon (it just so happens most the product people in tech I know and follow are men).

Product Manager at HealthifyMe

Useful initiative, Ryan. Subscribing to it right away!

Partner at USV

Love how you have all kinds of VCs subscribed! Build an angel list syndicate off this list and disrupt them (us) ;-).


Love it. Just signed up and will tweet this. :)

Law and Entrepreneurship LLM Student at Duke University School of Law

Really cool idea, Ryan!

Product Support Lead at Disqus

Wrote this idea off at first when I first read about it but after checking out some of the recommendations (Peak, Sqwiggle, Calm, and Cycloramic) I'm hooked. Can't wait to check out more.

Edit Mode, AC+A, Execution Labs

Awesome, thanks Ryan!

This is very cool Ryan!

Tradecraft, Product Hunt, Startup Edition

As some of you may have guessed, this linkydink group was the MVP. Last week Nathan Bashaw and I quietly launched Product Hunt. This morning we announced it publicly on PandoDaily. Here’s the Quibb thread: http://quibb.com/links/can-the-democratic-power-of-a-platform-like-hacker-news-be-applied-to-products

Entrepreneur + Executive Coach at NewCo

Nicely done Ryan. A lot of b2b media folks are rooting or you, as this model potentially could work for other verticals and topics. I'm quite confident it will work for tech-savvy niches like yours at Product Hunt (or Quibb for that matter), less so among less savvy audiences at this point.

Tradecraft, Product Hunt, Startup Edition

Thanks, Jeff! Although similar to Quibb, we're focusing on the startup/early adopter crowd, I believe there's opportunity for mainstream attention and interest. People of all demographics enjoy sharing and discovering useful products. Kickstarter has proven this.