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Nice compilation Anshuman :)
Having reliable benchmarks is a tough but important aspect of understanding the health of your product. I can't remember the name... but I know there's a product that's looking to collect and anonymize startup metrics, with the goal of increasing transparency between startups without exposing too much sensitive information.
Not knowing much about mygola, I'm surprised I don't see any metrics about purchases... I'm assuming that's a big goal of the product, to allow people to purchase travel/accommodation/flights/etc.?

CEO and Co-Founder at mygola

Great point Sandi, and will try to update that in the doc.


Really doc Anshuman!
I think you touched on most (if not all) major KPIs, but I feel what you miss there is the time-based context.

We focus on different KPIs at different stages of the app lifetime.
(please note I come from the game industry so my experience/view is from that angle)

(Quibb doesn't let me write a too long comment so I break the stages into sub comments)

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Soft Launch:
Primary KPI: Retention.
Secondary KPI: Monetization.

Retention numbers vary between app categories and between game genres. As a base rule we aim for this: 1DR: 40%-50%, 7DR: half of 1D, 30DR: half of 7D. (again, this is the basic rule, actual targets differ by genre)

Retention must be high enough at launch since Retention the hardest to optimize, and Monetization is a lot easier.
In monetization we look at Daily Conversions (from non-paying to paying) and Daily Revenue.

Soft Launch should last as as long as it takes to get the numbers right. The optimal is 2-3 months. Some apps need/can afford even 5 months. A really bad (but unfortunately common) decision is will be to have SL period end in less than 4-5 weeks.

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Global Launch - first period (3-4 months)
Hopefully we got the base retention right by this stage, and some ok numbers on conversion.

Now its the time to focus on growth metrics, mainly eCPI and DAU.
The high retention is key so your marketing team won't waste huge amounts of money per user. This is also the period your CPI is probably going to be the lowest in your app lifetime, so good retention and an ok conversion will save you a *lot* of money (and headaches).

I'm not getting into the other production aspects of running the product (re-prioritizing app features based on users being the key) but obviously there are more things happening than just KPI optimization during this time. New features, balancing etc.

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Ongoing Operation
Now we mostly focus on eCPI vs Monetization, where monetization is the real important thing.

We measure KPIs on two levels:
On going Balancing (AB Tests, numbers, 3rd party ads, etc)
Specific Features, Sales, Events etc.

The first is where the app is on avg, without any special things happening, and KPI improvement here is very difficult, takes long time and changes are small. This is where a BA or Data Analyst can make the big difference in spotting hidden patterns.

The second is the search for a game changer. Is a special feature changes KPIs significantly? Running Sales? Real time Events? this is how you find ways to create spikes in the KPIs, though they hardly translate to a constant improvement. It's finding how may times a week you can do special sales or add a key feature.

Ok, this comment came out too long... Hope it contributes context to the great list you made.

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CEO and Co-Founder at mygola

This is fantastic Ohad, added it to the doc :)

Director of Strategy & Innovation at GroupM

I love this

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