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Agreed! I'm very curious as well - working on something similar :)


Was going to download on Android but it seems like it needs a lot of permissions. Why is it asking for access to SMS messages?

Director of Product at IMVU

I haven't encountered any use case yet.

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Just thought of one: fashion advice. An app to ask your friends if these pants make my ass look fat.

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Head of Product at Pivotal Labs (NYC)

It's asking because the app allows you to forward a question to a friend that might be able to answer (think phone a friend)

Browsing through I have seen mostly people testing things out, joke posts, but a few interesting ones. There is no way to just save one for later without being notified of EVERY answer. It will be more interesting after a few weeks/months and things settle to see how the real use cases emerge that perhaps none of us have even thought of yet.

Director of Social Media at Marquette University

Or a lot like Cinch, with photos.

Director of Marketing at Eventbrite

My thoughts exactly -- I used Aardvark (vark.com) before Google acquired and rather quickly killed it.

I thought the same thing and then a Quora question popped up. I answered it there (http://www.quora.com/Jelly-company/In-what-ways-is-Jelly-different-from-Aardvark/answer/George-Dy). While the core of the product seems inherently similar, the environment to which this app was released changes the way people will interact with it and the quality of the questions seems different (for now at least).

Digital Product Manager at General Assembly

The joke questions are fun for a bit, but content quality is really going to affect whether users build the habit of checking for questions and their willingness to answer.

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VP Product at Fundbox

That was my first thought too! I was a very active Aardvark user both asking and answering. At first I was really excited about Jelly but after only a few minutes of playing with it, I was already tired of flipping through questions about topics I know nothing about (or in most cases people just trying it out with random questions about what ever was in front of them when they installed it).

I think choosing social proximity over fields of interests makes it a million times more viral but not useful at all. Also the drawing on the photo feels like a kids-today-love-it feature and not really necessary.

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