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Eliminate ego, don't focus on k, and understand engaged users - Growth according to Chamath

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Growth Manager at KISSmetrics

Definitely wish I could have made it, these are some great notes though. Keep em coming :)

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Product Lead at Flurry

Great post. One thing that sticks out to me is the comment that growth is more than k. I think that's a powerful insight that goes much beyond growth as well. Often you see people trying to simplify a business down to a single metric (eg all we need to do is optimize for x!). It's a recipe for disaster. While focusing on the metrics and honing in on key insights is great, blindly locking in on a single metric is usually more of license to stop thinking rather than a great way to build a sustainable business.

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Sounds like a great talk; Sandy - are the slides available anywhere?

Editor-in-Chief at Quibb

Udemy was a co-host of the event, and they said they'll be making them available - I'm assuming you'll be able to buy them from their site.
They were sending all of the recordings of every session to all of the attendees... but I snuck in so I won't get them! :)

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