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Startup Edition, Product Hunt

Funny, Carlo Almendral was just asking me if I knew how Tinder launched. You cover this briefly but I'd love to hear more about it first-hand from the Tinder folks.

Product & Co-founder at

Thanks for asking Sandi MacPherson My two cents:
Besides the initial - core - hot or not mechanic, Tinder surfaces the friends you have in common with a person. This gives the app an additional level of depth and makes the voyeur element much more relevant and exciting. (over 50% of all couples find their partner through friends/connections) I've found myself asking my friends: "guess who I saw on Tinder?!"

Also it's likely that you encounter people that you know/have heard off, but have never added as a friend on Facebook for some reason (because you never talked with them, have only heard about them, you don't want to invite because it's awkward or not cool, etc).

So it actually contains several powerful social elements.

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Editor-in-Chief at Quibb

Yes, great point re: 'guess who I was on Tinder?!?' - I've def done this myself, and in the process spread Tinder to friends who hadn't heard of it :)

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Startup Edition, Product Hunt

That awkward moment when a stranger asks, "you look familiar. Are you on Tinder?"