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Wonder if there are any that started as HN posts :)

Startup Edition, Product Hunt

No doubt. :)

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Surprisingly, there are lot of companies that were started as blogs or blogposts. Another famous example could be Yahoo. It was started before there were "blogs" per say. It was initially "Jerry's guide to the World Wide Web", a simple hierarchical directory of websites at that time. From what I've heard, it's traction in early days led to Yahoo.com as a startup/organization.

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Startup Edition, Product Hunt

You're right! There are several examples of this I could have included. Oddly, I didn't find anyone talking about the blog-first approach when I wrote this.

Yes. I could think of many more examples after reading your post. I think I also like the term, "blog first" startups. Kudos!

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Founder at IsopWright

Thanks for posting. This was a great reminder of a low-cost (in money, not time) way to understand whether there's sufficient demand to justify pulling together a team. (And yes, I can think of at least one thing I've done that _should_ have started/tested this way.)

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Graduate Student at Stanford University

I like this. It would be interesting to generalize this as "startups that started as content type XX". I would imagine that there are companies that started as video tutorials, youtube channels, slides/presentations, podcasts, github projects, etc. I think the content-first approach has a lot going for it... will try next time.

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Startup Edition, Product Hunt

I've written a few other pieces in this "genre":


Planning to share more. :)

Co-Founder at Mealime

Your post talks about successful companies that started from a blog post, but equally important, I think, are those companies that never got started due to a lower than expected response to the blog post. I've had ideas that I thought were awesome only to have them tank after publishing to a blog. If I'd just gone ahead and built the product instead of blogging first, I may have wasted a ton of time and money. Blogging is (one) great way to validate an idea before spending resources. Good post!

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Startup Edition, Product Hunt

Exactly. I think the same is even more true for the all-too-common landing page test.

Co-Founder at Mealime

+1 for landing pages. Super quick and cheap way to validate ideas.

Software Engineer at Oblong Industries

Nice argument for using a blog as a way to vet ideas.

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