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From 0 to 2 Million DAU's: The Guide To Growing Your Startup via Partnerships

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Co-founder at LaunchBit

Love it. I know a few companies, though, who do this more from a developer angle. By doing technical integrations with APIs and doing cross promotions/press around those functional integrations can be faster if engr/product teams are driving these partnerships (as opposed to business teams who seem to be slower).

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HubSpot, Coelevate

Yes, I think the API integration approach has much lower friction which is much more of an option today then it was 4 years ago when I first started doing partnerships at Viximo. I often advise some of my investments when doing API integrations to get a written agreement before hand to do some promotion. Blog post is good, placement in an email newsletter is better, placement in their product is best. Once you do the integration you have little leverage, so try to get it before hand.

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Very relevant to what my business is going through now. We're making an API for app developers and see that we can provide more value to them by integrating with app analytics providers like Flurry or mixpanel. Trying to figure in our minds when is the right time to spend energy on building such partnerships.

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CEO and Co-Founder at Acquisition Sciences Inc

Brian- Great Post. I think the parts most people miss are the continued measurement, and continued upselling. My first thoughts are here , but I'll do an update soon.

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