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This is a great mindset to have - aim for 10x better. I come across so many me too products and it amazes me that more of these companies aren't aiming higher. I know this is subjective to a certain extent and dependent on me being part of the audience they're trying to capture, but I think I have a decent eye for spotting them.

You can almost view the 10x number as part of the cost incurred for convincing people to switch to your product OR attracting net new customers to your product category.

Startup Edition, Product Hunt

Network effects, distribution, patents, user lock-in, etc. are all competitive challenges facing new startups; however, one of the most advantageous competitive advantages is existing user behavior.

It's really really hard to change user behavior. Jason Calacanis and his team at Mahalo spent years trying to build a better search engine than Google. Some would argue that they did but even Jason himself admits it was only marginally better, not 10x. As easy as it is to type instead of, users stuck to their habits.

Co-Founder & CEO at Fieldbook

As I wrote in a different context: "You should be glad to have competitors: together you form a *market* that attracts and retains customers. You should be glad to have competitors who have gone before you: they educated the market on your product category (creating a new product category is extremely difficult). You should be glad to have *good* competitors: bad competitors give your product category a bad name."

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