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Quibb, Uber

It's always smart to mix people who are already on the site as well as people who aren't. People are definitely way more excited about connecting with the former, but blending in the latter makes it possible to generate some growth out of it too.

Amazon, Guild University

Another feature roll-out from LinkedIn that males me engage with the platform less richly. There is such a big opportunity to provide an organic platform for professionals to share information and mindfully develop, tag, and track networks. Network bloat = Advertising $+, Engagement -

Will this really limit your use of LinkedIn? I can understand that it's annoying, but I don't think it will make a big impact on my behavior. For LinkedIn, it seems like a smart move for growing their network and dominant position in the market. More people, more revenue, it's that simple. Questions like "why am I joining LinkedIn?" when people receive invitation emails can be solved with better copy, and bigger issues like duplicate accounts and accounts which aren't people (eg Quibb) can also be fixed.

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Managing Director & Founder at TwentyPeople

I'm sure this is pretty effective with the wider audience, people like us here mostly excluded, but the major user base is not even going to recognize the mail-waterfall they're generating with this in the background. So, yeah, smart but terrible move for sure.

Editor-in-Chief at Quibb

Exactly - the difference is quite subtle, I only noticed because the very first prompted 'person' was Quibb Daily :)

Product Manager at YouTube

My brother is a Buddhist priest and he was my first prompt :)

Mercedes-Benz, 200words

When I worked at IMVU many years ago, I think we tried a similar tactic where we would ask users to import their address books to invite their friends to the service.

My memory is a bit fuzzy on the results, but I think it did provide some short term boosts to customer acquisition. However, I think it eventually got abandoned because it was kind of spammy (you would want to make sure that a single recipient only gets one invite email) and the people that came in as a result of it generally didn't stay too long because they didn't really know what they were signing up for.

The difference with LinkedIn is (obviously) that they're a professional networking service, and have a bit more reputable brand in professional circles. So I could see this working a lot better for them than it did for IMVU, i.e. there are professionals in this service that you should connect with, if you're not already here. But who knows. It could also play out exactly the same...

Product at Weave

Originally our growth strategy for CoffeeMe was going to be:

1. Pull people's connections when they sign-up
2. Show those "ghost" profiles to people
3. Cold email them if someone said yes to them saying "someone wants to meet you on CoffeeMe come find out who" and this connection of yours is already using the site

Unfortunately we found out that Linkedin won't give you emails for connections, only the user. Too bad I thought it was a interesting strategy.

Recently I talked to the Founder of LikeBright who actually used that strategy for dating. He says it doesn't work that well, the sign-up rates are pretty low.

Founder at Innervate

I am a little surprised they don't filter out "fake people" better. You'd think emails like "admin@" or "contact@" would be excluded from this list. I know Facebook experimented with shadow profiles but was met with some resistance. Maybe it is less weird on a professional network.

One thing I hope they do is properly filter for multiple emails. My Linkedin profile is linked with my work email not my personal. I'll get pretty annoyed if i start getting "join linkedin" email invites to my personal email.

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