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Growth Lead at Pinterest

We're integrating AppsFlyer in our new apps (MAT competitor) + Mixpanel. Liked the pitch I heard from Swrve for mobile AB testing, but haven't integrated due to us being a bit aways from wanting to AB test on mobile.

Coelevate, Reforge

Thanks Casey. Out of interest, why did you choose AppsFlyer over MAT?

Growth Lead at Pinterest

Seamless, who we just merged with, was already using AppsFlyer with some success. It seemed like AppsFlyer could get more granular with its data, was easier to set up, and cheaper from what I remember when I compared the two.

Hey Casey - AppsFlyer has a built-in integration with Swrve, just in case you need it.

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Just helping a client migrate from Apsalar to MAT. We may delve into some A/B testing as well, in which case I'll be glad to share any insights.

Coelevate, Reforge

Awesome, thanks Andrei!

Platform at N3TWORK

Most people are using MAT, but there's another attribution service called Kochava that you might check out. The typical stack at a gaming company looks like: MAT for attribution, Qlikview / Tableau / proprietary interface for self-hosted analytics or PlayHaven / GameAnalytics for cloud analytics, maybe something like Swrve for A/B testing and deep cohort analysis. But new tools are coming to market every day; I think Amazon will actually eat up a big chunk of the analytics market. I created a directory of mobile app analytics tools to keep track of everything:

Coelevate, Reforge

Eric. Thanks for the response. I actually came across your directory. It was helpful in getting my research started. It re-emphasized how fluid the analytics tools market is right now. Overwhelming. Figured I would ask others what their setup is rather than going through the hassle of trial/error with all these providers.

Platform at N3TWORK

Gotcha. Any specific tools you're looking at? I've played with most of them and can give you my $0.02.

Coelevate, Reforge

I think what I have come to is MAT + MixPanel w/ heavy use of MAT's postbacks into Mixpanel. I'd love to do something custom or a more flexible BI solution like Tableau/Looker/etc but the product doesn't have the volume at this exact moment to justify the cost. So my guess is we'll use MixPanel as an intermediary solution until it makes sense to invest in something larger.

I've also taking a look at Tapstream or Appsflyer as a MAT replacement. The killer for Tapstream is they don't have direct Facebook integration like MAT. Any thoughts on those are appreciated.

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Platform at N3TWORK

Without being able to integrate into Facebook's system for mobile install attribution (for anyone interested, the list of approved partners is here:, a platform will face difficulties scaling with your product (Facebook is, IMO, one of the best sources of installs).

I think the advantage of MAT over Appsflyer and the other offerings in this space (and just to be clear, I'm in no way affiliated with these businesses other than as a consumer) is simply size. From my experience with analytics for consumer tech on the web, I see analytics as "winner takes all", so when I evaluate a tool / platform, I look for the ability to capture a major share of the market. HasOffers has that with their momentum and funding. I'm reticent to integrate a tool into my analytics stack if I'm not certain that that tool will be around in a year's time.

As for Mixpanel vs. Appboy, I think the tools serve different purposes. Mixpanel focuses on cohort analysis and Appboy focuses on segmentation. I don't think the tools are complementary, but at the same time Appboy might be appropriate if your engagement KPIs exist across a large spectrum of values and you need to focus on a tiny minority that drive a disproportionate share of revenue. Mixpanel, as Claire mentioned, is also a little static and requires the kind of development you're trying to avoid when you use an off-the-shelf solution to serve as your analytics front end.

One thing to keep in mind is that researching analytics platforms is a major time sink and migrations are hugely expensive in terms of man hours. So even if your product can't justify the expense of the cadillac of platforms at the moment, choosing something that scales gracefully will likely help you avoid a massive headache once your product has gained enough traction to upgrade analytics (because at that point, you'll face far more pressing concerns).

Scribbler at BringAbout

We haven't found the magic formula yet either -- using Google's sdk right now (mixpanel overwhelmed), but also looking into this more visual analytics solution called Indicative

Coelevate, Reforge

Thanks Claire. Can you go into more detail on what you mean by MixPanel overwhelmed? Thanks!

Growth Lead at Pinterest

You cannot do any custom dashboards in Mixpanel, so if you're tagging a ton of events and properties, it's hard to navigate through the default reports with their thousands of events/properties unless you're an analyst that's in there every day. Pretty overwhelming for someone who only goes in there weekly or monthly, and only needs a small subset of that data.

Director of Operations at ChargeSpot

We've built our own internal aggregate dashboards using Mixpanel's API and some charting tools. It involved some development investment but has really paid off.

CTO and Co-founder at AdvisorDeck

it's all "1 cumulative and" with mix panel

Co-Founder at Tapstream

Just FYI, Tapstream provides unified attribution for both ad networks and mobile web (both click and view-through). Our focus is on helping you acquire valuable users so we don't charge for attribution events after install. Any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Director of Sales at TapCommerce

MAT + Mixpanel is the most common solution I usually hear of as well.

Kochava and Adx are usually tied for a distant 2nd on the attribution front.

Growth Instructor at Tradecraft

I know that New Relic also released a new app tracking platform too. I haven't used it, but it may be worth checking out

Brian, a lot of what's being discussed in this post refers to the early stages of the acquisition funnel, but there's nothing about post-install engagement - or growth, really. For that you should try Appboy (

Appboy has all of the underpinnings of an analytics platform but is focused more on helping you to take action on key metrics. The way we do it is through deep user segmentation (you can segment by location + any data point collected in-app) paired with multi-channel messaging (push, in-app messages, email, news feed) and marketing automation to minimize repeatable tasks. Add in-app feedback to the mix, because there's a huge drop off point among frustrated users who have no way to communicate to the app dev. And A/B testing is in the works.

The idea is to connect with users from the moment they install an app and create a long-term relationship through micro content. Everybody knows that engagement rates in apps are horrible. It's no good to acquire a bunch users and then watch all of them disappear, when sometimes all they need is a little nudge.

Ping me if you have any questions. And if it's not clear from my title, I do work for Appboy.

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Coelevate, Reforge

Thanks for the info Cezary. Can you give me an example of segementation that Appboy can do that Mixpanel can't? Or is your different more around connecting the segmentation to the marketing channels?

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If you're considering a new MAT implementation, I've understood that they're currently not accepting new users for FB attribution, while they're going through a review with FB. I'm sure it's not as ominous as it may sound, and that this temporary state will only last for a brief period, but something to keep in mind if you're looking to launch an implementation in the next 1-2 weeks.

Senior Associate at Redpoint Ventures

MAT + Redshift + Looker works well. FWIW, I've never been satisfied with Mixpanel. Snowplow looks pretty interesting if you're up for rolling your own.

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Coelevate, Reforge

Thanks. Agreed I've never been fully satisfied with MP either, but for what we need for the next 5 - 6 months it seems to be the quickest and best option. Definitely going to do our own system at some point.

Coelevate, Reforge

FB has killed HasOffers/MAT as a partner so no more mobile attribution. I started a new conversation here to discuss next best alternative:

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