Gordon Bowman, Director of Sales at TapCommerce

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Startup Edition, Product Hunt

I'm glad to see you take the plunge and seek new challenges, Gordon. As you know, happy to help any way I can!

Editor-in-Chief at Quibb

Congrats, Gordon - best of luck! Looking forward to hearing more about your new adventure :)

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Entrepreneur-in-Action at Sequoia Capital

Pretty exciting, Gordon. We haven't met in person, and yet I feel like I personally know the people I've interacted with and read comments and posts from Quibb.

Ditto what Ryan said, would be happy to help :)

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Systems Engineer at JAMF Software

Priority #1 is to learn - it's a great mindset for a career. I agree!

Tim Geisenheimer, VP, Sales at TapCommerce Tim Geisenheimer
VP, Sales at TapCommerce