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Growth Lead at Pinterest

Would you be willing to share long-term strategy, growth plans, monetization, etc.?

Editor-in-Chief at Quibb

Yep, of course - I'll be sharing some longer-term plans as part of my followup

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Can't support you this round, but it's a great reminder for me to get a paid membership ^_^

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Quibb, Uber

I know Brian Ma would be really upset if he didn't see this, so bam, hit you with a mention :)

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Founder at Weave

Thanks! Yes, would be really upset. :) Just signed up.

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Founder at Innervate

Wish the SEC would get off their butts and issue regulations re-crowdfunding. Until then I can't invest :(

I'll second that. I'd also like to point out that this is a very unique approach to raising interest around funding. Not sure I've ever seen a network post this kind of request but given the types that roam the Quibb hallways it makes a lot of sense. Will be very curious to hear about how effective this strategy was for you.

Organimi, Pressly

Oh wow! This is cool! Would not be able to jump in but would love to hear out it turns out and good luck!

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Associate Director at BDC Venture Capital

Sadly I can only invest in Canadian companies... soooo if you'd like to come home and run it here we might be able to work something out... and don't forget you can use SRED here ;)

Editor-in-Chief at Quibb

lol - thanks, Matt :)

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Founder at Fundamentum

Curious to hear more about what your plans are!

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Not the right time for me as I am investing in bootstrapping my own startup. Definitely love the approach and would enjoy hearing about how it works out!

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Founder at unCV

Some interesting investors at hashtaag might be interested. Happy to make recommendations. I would have loved to invest, though am bootstrapping hashtaag.

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