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Can Analytics ever drive Product / Market Fit?

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CEO & Founder at Javelin

Love this, though I see a lot of disagreement on how to define p/m fit quantitatively. Here's an example of a company that had 40% of users identifying the product as a must-have but still failed ( Would be interesting to have Andrew Chen weigh in :).

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Editor-in-Chief at Quibb

I think you can get a good indication of PMFit quantitatively - but I'm not sure I agree with Sean's definition of 'at least 40% would be very upset if you went away' as a blanket statement (not sure that's what he meant, either). Perhaps that applied directly to a specific group of products within the same category that he worked on in the past, and made sense there.
I think product category is extremely important when quantitatively assessing PMFit, each has its own metric (or two) that can give an indication that the probability that you're at PMFit is high.

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Quibb, Uber

One of the biggest reasons I'm a fan of existing markets is that product/market fit is very clear- you can switch users off incumbent products into your own. You don't have to do that for everyone, you can do it for a segment, and then you'd say that you have PMF for that segment. But one of the biggest risks of new markets is that you don't have an objective function to measure how close or far you are from PMF, since there's nothing to compare it to.

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