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CEO and Co-Founder at Data School Inc.

Too often, founders are more willing to give investors equity when our first employees should have an equal or greater effect on the futures of our startups.

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Full Stack Marketing, G2 Crowd

I really could have used this a week ago :) This is a fantastic resource and reference. I anecdotally find it in line with what I have been offered when looking at startup jobs post-MBA

Co-Founder at Estimote

Glad it was in line + helpful, sorry I didn't write it a week sooner :)

Co-Founder at Estimote

Thanks for reading and sharing Andrew

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Applications and Integrations Lead, Technical Services Engineer at MongoDB

Thanks for this awesome post. We definitely could have used this when we were considering what equity to offer new employees in my prior life. Meantime, I will start using this as a yardstick instead of the "well I had a friend who...."

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